Need some inspiration? Take a look at these amazing and successfully funded LGBT crowdfunding campaigns.

What's Your Dream or Project?

Let’s assume you have a dream, a brilliant idea, a new product, or a personal need that you want to realize. Only thing is, you don’t have the necessary funds to start or the timing is wrong for a bank loan or an investor. This is where Rainbow Campaign’s LGBT Crowdfunding Network can help!

Start Your Campaign

Rainbow campaigning is easy and it’s free. We offer all campaigners two funding models: “Flexible” (keep all funds collected even if you don’t reach your goal) or “Fixed” (keep all funds collected only if you reach your goal). In a few simple steps your free online campaign is ready to get funded.

Activate Your Community

It’s time to start spreading the word to your community about your dream or project, launching your marketing efforts, and activating your supporters. Rainbow Campaign will continue to support you with online tools, tips, and also market your campaign through our global LGBT and media outlets.

Fund Your Dream or Project

Congratulations! You made it! All your funds will be automatically wired to the banking account indicated, minus our small processing and service fees. Now you have the funds to make your dream or project come true! Don’t forget to thank your supporters, distribute any perks, and share your success to inspire others!


Rainbow Campaign is your LGBT Crowdfunding Network exclusively for projects that benefit the LGBT community worldwide.
Here are some reasons why you should choose Rainbow Campaign for your next LGBT crowdfunding campaign.


Rainbow Campaign has been awarded GeoTrust SSL Premium Seal’s Privacy Seal signifying that our privacy policy and practices have been reviewed by GeoTrust for compliance with their requirements; including transparency, accountability and choice regarding the collection and use of your personal information.

Easy To Use

Creating a campaign is as easy as your ABC’s. Just follow a few simple steps to open the door to completely new possibilities. We provide detailed guidelines with useful tips and are available to you at every stage of your path to a campaign success. Easy payment process for both funders and campaigners – no need to create separate payment accounts, we also offer one-click, deferred and recurring payments.


Rainbow Campaign is open to LGBT projects from all over the world. Even if your project is local, it can be supported by contributors from the other side of the planet. Our goal is to create one LGBT crowdfunding network by leveraging the global LGBT community, working to connect the dots for you.


We are very proud to offer more LGBT categories than any other crowdfunding platform; from creative arts to small business to community specific topics and even personal needs, making us the most open crowdfunding platform on the market.

Focused on LGBT Crowdfunding

All campaigns on Rainbow Campaign are focused on LGBT crowdfunding. Why? Because we believe in the power of our community. The LGBT community has achieved already so much by supporting each other in the past decades. Let’s bring it to the next level!


Each campaign is unique – and we adapt to you. Rainbow Campaign allows you to choose between a fixed and flexible campaign funding. Rainbow Campaign supports multiple local and global payment options, making us the most flexible and right choice for your campaign.




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