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Guide Me Away – Let’s Shape The Future Of LGBTQ Travel

We proudly present our newest LGBT crowdfunding campaign: Guide Me Away – Let’s Shape The Future of LGBTQ Travel!

Lia Hershkovitz, owner and campaigner of “Guide Me Away”, explains the idea behind her project: Travel is more than your destination; it’s about the people you meet along the way. Get the local’s perspective of your destination by connecting with a local LGBTQ guide who shares your interests…“

So let’s say, you are preparing your next vacation. But you are tired of tourist traps and fannypack tourists. What you really want is an authentic local experience and to meet cool new people who share the same interests as you. No Problem! With Guide Me Away, you can indicate the dates and which area they arwhere you are traveling to and also what your interest is.
Maybe you are a foodie and you like secret food markets which you can never find in any guide book? Or you like authentic bars which only the locals know? Guide Me Away will connect you with all LGBTQ locals/guides who share your interest and who are available at the time you are traveling. You can then select them by their profiles, which also displays reviews and prices.

And – you can return the favor! Become a tour guide for your own city. Show other LGBTQ travelers what your city has to offer and meet great people along the way, giving them a travel experience from a local’s point of view – away from tourist traps.

Lia Hershkovitz, is openly gay since she is 15 years old and working in the travel industry since nine years says. She says: It’s important to create safe and open connections for the gay community. We make is easier to find your community anywhere you go, keeping your experience affordable, enjoyable and safe.”

Much of the Guide Me Away backend and functionality is nearing completion, however additional financial support is in need to make it more user-friendly and to market it properly. That’s why Lia Hershkovitz aims to raise the remaining financing via crowdfunding. The campaign needs USD 5,000 to cover development and marketing expenses.

That’s where you come in! You can make this project help come to life and be part in shaping the future of LGBTQ travel!

Make  a positive impact on the future LGBTQ travel experience right now, right here: watch_video_lgbt_crowdfunding

We are eternally grateful for supporting this awesome project and make all our travel experiences more fun, authentic and safe!

No amount is too small.

Please also spread the word using the share buttons provided underneath the campaign video.

Thank you!



Rainbow Campaign is ‘live’: A new global LGBT Crowdfunding Platform

Rainbow Campaign is ‘live’

The Global LGBT Crowdfunding Platform

All the hard work over the past months, well.. actually year… has paid off!
We hope that with Rainbow Campaign we can reach a new milestone in the history and equality for the LGBT community.

But what would Rainbow Campaign be without its creative, inspiring and daring Rainbow Campaigners?

We proudly present with the launch of our first fascinating, beautifully brave and creative LGBT Crowdfunding campaigns:

Beautiful Friends


Beautiful Friends is a theatrical performance by an extremely talented and likeable independent Russian theatre collective from Saint Petersburg. With their performance they want to tell a story about love, silence and HIV and aim to raise awareness about same-gender love and HIV in Russia, topics that are an absolute taboo in their country. Because of Putin’s “Russian LGBT Propaganda Law” they are not able to raise funds within Russia and need international support to make this campaign a reality. Hopefully, campaigns like these will make Russia a more tolerant and educated place in the future. Together, we can make a difference and make something happen that would not be possible without the global LGBT community supporting each other!



Kaden’s Transition | A Self Made Man

Kaden's campaign

Winning our award for ‘The most likeable guy in the world’! Who wouldn’t love him? Kaden has identified as male ever since he can remember but since recently his name has been Katy.  He seeks funding for a top surgery and we want to support him on his courageous journey of becoming his true self – a self-made man. Please watch his video and support him to fulfill his journey!


Your creative, personal and inspiring campaigns make it count! And your generous, trusting and loving contributions make it work! Together we can make a difference and achieve anything we can dream of! With Rainbow Campiagn -LGBT Crowdfunding.

We thank you so much for your trust and support in us!

Your Rainbow Campaign Team

Pride Week | Regenbogenparade 2015

It’s the best time of the year! It’s June – it’s Pride Month! Festivities around the globe to celebrate being part of LGBT and to unite in pride. And of course, Rainbow Campaign is in the middle of the Pride Parade celebrations!

This year, we joined the pride week in Vienna, Austria. And what can we say – we had a blast! Vienna is known for its tradition, classical music and royal history but did you know that Eurovision song contest winner and beauty, Conchita Wurst lives in Vienna? And that the Life Ball, Europe’s biggest charity event for the fight against HIV and aids is hosted in Vienna each year?


…It is also the city in which pedestrian traffic lights show same-sex couples to promote tolerance.


So we decided – this year, we have to join the pride week in Vienna. In order to prepare some goodies to raise awareness about LGBT crowdfunding among the LGBT community in Vienna we worked two full days (and nights) upfront to get ready. Designing labels, buying candy, filling packages and countless hours of stapling were rewarded with a full on rainbow after a rain storm right outside our office. That must be a sign for a good pride week we thought!




As fun and as creative as we felt we were, in the end though, we felt a bit like this poor pug…

On Saturday, we were early to join the warm-up for the Regenbogenparade (Rainbow Parade) and amongst entering the festivities, we could immediately feel the liberal, free and friendly vibe. People were fun, inspiring, open and so nice.

As goodies, we had prepared a competition – a small bag with rainbow colored candy and chocolate wrapped in EURO-bills (you get the hint?) and instructions on how to join: Take a selfie of yourself at the parade, upload it on our Facebook page and tell us what dream or project you would fulfill yourself if you had the funds.


We got many beautiful dreams and wishes – going to Disneyland, making a world tour with the love of her life, marriage equality, opening a gay bar in their hometown, starting an LGBT music festival and many more.


We want all of these dreams to be fulfilled and so many more! We believe that together we can make all our dreams come true. That’s why we are so happy to soon provide a platform where all of you can join in and fund each other’s projects, dreams and wishes that inspired you and you want to come to life.

That’s why we also want to know from you: What dream or project would you fulfill yourself if you had the necessary means? We would love to hear from you and will support you no matter what !

So have a happy pride week! In which city will you celebrate? Let’s share some pictures around the LGBT globe!

Much love,

The Rainbow Campaign Team

6 Reasons to Use LGBT Crowdfunding.

Should you find yourself as one of the now many that want to leverage crowdfunding to fund their dream or project, then it’s wise to consider not only the larger crowdfunding platforms but also the more specialized crowdfunding platforms related to your target audience.

As crowdfunding slowly makes its way to the masses, it’s easier for newcomers to select crowdfunding platforms with big brand names. More often than not, consumers tend to reach for the more noticeable brand names when selecting a product or a service, because it’s normally the best and safest choice. However, crowdfunding is a different animal and what you may consider at first to be the safer choice isn’t always the best choice.

Larger crowdfunding platforms that dominate this market are; Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Indiegogo, or Razoo provide more general possibilities for campaigners and perhaps more analytical data. What makes these crowdfunding platforms attractive are their loyal customer base and strong marketing strategies in place to bring new funders to their platform. And they can usually spend quite a bit more money on reaching their market than the small crowdfunding platform. However…it’s important to keep in mind that many larger crowdfunding platforms don’t want to bother with smaller segments of their markets. They can afford to be general and market to the masses. That’s how they are accustomed to doing business.

Crowdfunding campaigns are typically very short-term, 30 days on average, and therefore reaching the most suitable and focused target audience for your product or service via the crowdfunding platform is an important consideration. You can find numerous websites on the internet about choosing the best crowdfunding site for your campaign, because many smaller market segments (often called niches) remain unserved and overlooked. With particular reference to LGBT-related campaigns, which may have a more unique target audience or subject matter, considering a crowdfunding platform that focuses on the LGBT community is ideal. As the LGBT Crowdfunding Network for the LGBT Community, Rainbow Campaign has pulled together what we think are important considerations for any campaigner. Click here to view our short list of 6 reasons to use LGBT crowdfunding.

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