About Us

About Us

Rainbow Campaign

“Somewhere over the rainbow. Skies are blue.
And the dreams that you dare to dream.
Really do come true.“

We believe that whatever you aspire, whoever you love, wherever you are heading to – we all are shaped of our hopes, dreams and goals.

That’s why we founded Rainbow Campaign – the only crowdfunding platform for the great, awesome, fun and inspring LGBT community all over the world.

But what actually is Crowdfunding?

You have an idea, a project, or a dream? But you need capital to finance and realize it, which you don’t have? That’s where Crowdfunding comes in. It is a way to publicly share your idea and goal with other people, who might want your idea or dream come to life too. Crowdfunding gives these people, who believe in you, the possibility to fund your campaign. In return, you can give them perks, a reward for their contribution.
But Crowdfunding is not only a great tool to raise funds.

test your audience_1  Test Your Audience & Market.

Using crowdfunding can also act as a test market, to check if your idea or project has potential, based on the demand generated from the campaign. Knowing who your audience is, by analyzing your marketing data and feedback, can not only lead to fulfilling orders but give you the power and leverage you need before going to banks or investors for more funding.

exposure and promotion_2 Exposure and Promotion

Using crowdfunding can  increase your exposure by attracting media and PR channels, especially via Rainbow Campaign’s LGBT Crowdfunding Network, which has the potential to offer you more enthusiastic funders and targeted customers.

And why for the LGBT community?


We believe that our community sticks together and we keep each other strong and proud human beings. It is time to empower and celebrate that.

Let’s help each other to create, inspire and achieve more together! Whatever your wish, your passion, your idea, your project, your goal is – make your campaign a reality here.bodypainting6

Never stop dreaming – but start making your dream come true today.

Your pot of luck is just a Rainbow Campaign away.

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