Kaden’s Transition — “A Self Made Man”

By Kaden Webb

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All funds will be collected on November 9, 2015.

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Hello my name is Kaden Niko Webb.

I am a self made man. Who is determined to live as true to myself as possible. Living with an open mind.

My name, until recently was Katy but since I can remember I have identified as male. It makes me feel more whole and complete being thought of as a man.

My mind and soul feels more masculine.

I always had high testosterone and I believe after much research that this can cause the brain to develop differently.

I started hormone therapy almost seven months ago. It has tested family and friendships, but overall the response has been ok.

After being on hormones for almost a year the next step is chest contouring and top surgery.

To get help though MSP it is a four – five year wait list from now.

The cost is apox. $10,000.00 (8,828 €) so I will be fundraising and saving money as well.

Please SHARE if you’d like to help!

I’m looking for at least 50 people to give 10 € each!

  1. Andrea Kohlruss

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This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.