Shape the future of LGBTQ Travel! A new platform that connects LGBTQ travelers with LGBTQ locals.

By Guide Me Away

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Hi There!

Please watch the video, 🙂

My name is Lia I’m a travel professional and apart of the LGBTQ community.

I wanted to share with you something I’ve been working on for almost a year.
I really think it will change the way the gay community travels and will make a positive change in the world.

Being in the travel industry for nine years and openly gay has made my traveling a challenge at times.

I often travel to new destinations, and I always try to research and find local gay spots to make me feel comfortable and connect with my community in the new destination. But it’s frustrating because it takes so much time to find the right information, and it’s often out of date.

Also, traveling alone and going to these places can be extremely challenging.  There are language barriers, different modes of local transit, and it can be hard to connect with local people.

That’s why I founded Guide Me Away. I have created Guide Me Away as a positive and upbeat online platform to help LGBTQ travelers across the world network when they travel.

The main idea for the website is to connect LGBTQ travelers with locals from the LGBTQ community on shared interests

A local like you and me will make a profile sharing more about who they are and will offer a great local tour. Travelers that come to visit can book a tour with the local and create a great friendship and feel safe.

In the long run I want to be able to achieve a more authentic travel experience

Connections in the LGBTQ community worldwide

Have a safer way to travel for the community.


I was published in Gay.Vancouver.Net-

I do have a great website that is not live yet-


What We Need

Guide Me Away is almost ready to launch.  And we’ll need to get the word out, but that’s not going to be easy.

We want to encourage you to give any amount; there is NO AMOUNT TOO SMALL!  Every little bit helps and gets us that much closer to our goal!

This money goes toward:

Start-up costs: design & branding, finishing the user interface, debugging the website, insurance, and initial marketing expenses to get the word out.

Development and maintenance: Outsourcing all the other things I can’t do alone. (The platform that we are working on for over 9 month was built from scratch!)

Marketing! Marketing! Marketing!

And so much more, help me help us and let’s change the way our community travelers.

Let’s change the way we travel!​

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  2. Andrea Kohlruss

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    EVERYTHING ABOVE + Skype call 'Guide Me Away' mug + T-Shirt + Holiday gay card signed + a $50 credit to use towards booking a tour on the website. And a 20 minute Skype call with the founder Lia.

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    SUPPORTING FOUNDER The super package PLUS How about a great dinner with the founder in Vancouver, BC in one of 5 restaurants of your choice? Come visit!!!

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    KEY FOUNDER LEVEL Lia will personally fly to anywhere in Canada or the US to meet her wonderful supporter! and your name, logo & link will be on the website. (if you would like that).