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Dear friends!

My name is Evgeny Belyakov. I am the LGBT activist. Last 5 years i have spent in Europe and i was engaged in different human rights and LGBT-related groups and campaigns from Budapest to Dublin. I was a founder of the LGBT group at the Central European University. I have been organizing trainings, lectures, public demonstrations and other community events related to LGBTQI issues.

I have left Russia more than 5 years ago. I thought i would never go back here. But a year ago when i saw the developments related to the anti-gay laws and increasing attacks on the LGBT people, i realized that this is my personal duty to fight against these things. I decided that i must go back and that i know what can be done to change it.

My skills, experience and my knowledge can be a great contrubution for empowering the Russian LGBT community in these harsh days. I am an experienced community organizer and a devoted activist.

I got in touch with some of the prominent Russian LGBT activists who said they would be happy if i come and join them in Russia. I quit my job in Europe and took a plane to Moscow. Yet, having returned, i discovered  that finding your place in Putin’s Russia is not that easy. To put it simply, after 3 months, i did not manage to find a job to sustain myself. The freelance jobs that i am doing are simply not enough.

As of now, i am on the crossroads: either to leave Russia again for Europe where i can find job, or to stay here, but being homeless. I was just offered to start work in March here in Moscow, but for these three months – January, February, and March – i do not have enough means to cover my rent in some small apartment in Moscow. My angry landlord is already kicking me out of property and i need to move to some other place as soon as possible.

I came here to fight. I want to change this country. I do not want to leave. That is why i am asking if any of you can assist me by small contribution that will help me to have my own little place until i start work in March.

The total rent for three months plus deposit plus utilities would be 90 thousand roubles which is 3 thousand USD. (Unfortunately, these are the prices in Moscow…)

 indiegogo Notice: This LGBT crowdfunding campaign was hosted by Indiegogo and is only an inspirational example of one of the varied few LGBT crowdfunding campaigns that had success. More information about this campaign can be found here:

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