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How did you first hear about my music? I bet it was a video wasn’t it?

These days, people don’t discover musicians without strong videos. I’ve spent the past 7 years developing interesting and engaging music videos that speak to my listeners, make folks smile, and often tell a story that hasn’t been told before.

What you probably didn’t realize is that I’ve been making these videos on shoe string budgets. As rewarding as it has been, it has been stressful financially, and has limited my ability, as an artist, to tell each story as beautifully as it should be told. Let’s face it, the stories of LGBTQ men and women are as big and dynamic as any other story. I’d love to be able to reflect that. I’d love to be able to give your stories the justice they deserve.

I am currently in pre-production on two videos:

Breath and Sound: I’ve enlisted the help of internationally known dancer and choreographer, Andrew Pirozzi, to help tell the story of ‘Breath and Sound.’

At it’s core, ‘Breath and Sound’ is a love song, but a love that finds it’s roots at the beginning of a relationship, at the onset of meeting someone you find intriguing. It tells the story of two individuals, who are revealing themselves to one another for the first time.

We are telling this story through a lyrical dance involving three couples. One is gay, one is straight, and one is a lesbian couple. This video will highlight how we all share the same emotion, we are brave enough to be intimate with someone for the first time.

We will be seamlessly integrating dance, storytelling and cinematography to take you on a romantic journey.

Son of A Preacher Man:

We will also be shooting a video for the Dusti Springfield classic ‘Son of a Preacher Man.’

For this video, we are re-imagining this story as seen through the lens of a teenaged boy, living in a religious family, in the deep south.

We will watch his joy and triumph, as he falls in love as well as his struggle when forces move to break them apart.

Falling in love is the most beautiful, innocent and selfless thing that we can do. This is magnified even further when we are young. That said, as gay men and women, we are taught something completely different. ‘Son of a Preacher Man’ aims to highlight the innocence and beauty of young love.

kickstarter Notice: This LGBT crowdfunding campaign was hosted by Kickstarter and is only an inspirational example of one of the varied few LGBT crowdfunding campaigns that had success. More information about this campaign can be found here:

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