To proactively explore and locate the answer(s) you need, we’ve broken down the FAQs into three sections: General, For Campaigners, and For Funders. Please also don’t hesitate to contact us through our social networks or send us a private email.

(last updated: July 2015)


We just founded our platform a few weeks ago – we are looking forward to our path ahead. And we hope you take this journey with us.
Rainbow Campaign provides a platform for people that have an idea in mind but not the necessary capital to make this idea a reality. On Rainbow Campaign, they can create their campaign – a video where they present themselves and their idea. In return for potential funds, campaigners create perks for their contributions. People that are inspired by the idea or interested in the perk (or both) and want to help the idea to become a reality by funding will receive the perk. In the end, dreams are fulfilled and everybody is  happy. This is what Rainbow Campaign actually does.

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