Guide Me Away – Let’s Shape The Future Of LGBTQ Travel

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We proudly present our newest LGBT crowdfunding campaign: Guide Me Away – Let’s Shape The Future of LGBTQ Travel!

Lia Hershkovitz, owner and campaigner of “Guide Me Away”, explains the idea behind her project: Travel is more than your destination; it’s about the people you meet along the way. Get the local’s perspective of your destination by connecting with a local LGBTQ guide who shares your interests…“

So let’s say, you are preparing your next vacation. But you are tired of tourist traps and fannypack tourists. What you really want is an authentic local experience and to meet cool new people who share the same interests as you. No Problem! With Guide Me Away, you can indicate the dates and which area they arwhere you are traveling to and also what your interest is.
Maybe you are a foodie and you like secret food markets which you can never find in any guide book? Or you like authentic bars which only the locals know? Guide Me Away will connect you with all LGBTQ locals/guides who share your interest and who are available at the time you are traveling. You can then select them by their profiles, which also displays reviews and prices.

And – you can return the favor! Become a tour guide for your own city. Show other LGBTQ travelers what your city has to offer and meet great people along the way, giving them a travel experience from a local’s point of view – away from tourist traps.

Lia Hershkovitz, is openly gay since she is 15 years old and working in the travel industry since nine years says. She says: It’s important to create safe and open connections for the gay community. We make is easier to find your community anywhere you go, keeping your experience affordable, enjoyable and safe.”

Much of the Guide Me Away backend and functionality is nearing completion, however additional financial support is in need to make it more user-friendly and to market it properly. That’s why Lia Hershkovitz aims to raise the remaining financing via crowdfunding. The campaign needs USD 5,000 to cover development and marketing expenses.

That’s where you come in! You can make this project help come to life and be part in shaping the future of LGBTQ travel!

Make  a positive impact on the future LGBTQ travel experience right now, right here: watch_video_lgbt_crowdfunding

We are eternally grateful for supporting this awesome project and make all our travel experiences more fun, authentic and safe!

No amount is too small.

Please also spread the word using the share buttons provided underneath the campaign video.

Thank you!



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