Pride Week | Regenbogenparade 2015

By admin

It’s the best time of the year! It’s June – it’s Pride Month! Festivities around the globe to celebrate being part of LGBT and to unite in pride. And of course, Rainbow Campaign is in the middle of the Pride Parade celebrations!

This year, we joined the pride week in Vienna, Austria. And what can we say – we had a blast! Vienna is known for its tradition, classical music and royal history but did you know that Eurovision song contest winner and beauty, Conchita Wurst lives in Vienna? And that the Life Ball, Europe’s biggest charity event for the fight against HIV and aids is hosted in Vienna each year?


…It is also the city in which pedestrian traffic lights show same-sex couples to promote tolerance.


So we decided – this year, we have to join the pride week in Vienna. In order to prepare some goodies to raise awareness about LGBT crowdfunding among the LGBT community in Vienna we worked two full days (and nights) upfront to get ready. Designing labels, buying candy, filling packages and countless hours of stapling were rewarded with a full on rainbow after a rain storm right outside our office. That must be a sign for a good pride week we thought!




As fun and as creative as we felt we were, in the end though, we felt a bit like this poor pug…

On Saturday, we were early to join the warm-up for the Regenbogenparade (Rainbow Parade) and amongst entering the festivities, we could immediately feel the liberal, free and friendly vibe. People were fun, inspiring, open and so nice.

As goodies, we had prepared a competition – a small bag with rainbow colored candy and chocolate wrapped in EURO-bills (you get the hint?) and instructions on how to join: Take a selfie of yourself at the parade, upload it on our Facebook page and tell us what dream or project you would fulfill yourself if you had the funds.


We got many beautiful dreams and wishes – going to Disneyland, making a world tour with the love of her life, marriage equality, opening a gay bar in their hometown, starting an LGBT music festival and many more.


We want all of these dreams to be fulfilled and so many more! We believe that together we can make all our dreams come true. That’s why we are so happy to soon provide a platform where all of you can join in and fund each other’s projects, dreams and wishes that inspired you and you want to come to life.

That’s why we also want to know from you: What dream or project would you fulfill yourself if you had the necessary means? We would love to hear from you and will support you no matter what !

So have a happy pride week! In which city will you celebrate? Let’s share some pictures around the LGBT globe!

Much love,

The Rainbow Campaign Team

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