Rainbow Campaign is ‘live’: A new global LGBT Crowdfunding Platform

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Rainbow Campaign is ‘live’

The Global LGBT Crowdfunding Platform

All the hard work over the past months, well.. actually year… has paid off!
We hope that with Rainbow Campaign we can reach a new milestone in the history and equality for the LGBT community.

But what would Rainbow Campaign be without its creative, inspiring and daring Rainbow Campaigners?

We proudly present with the launch of our first fascinating, beautifully brave and creative LGBT Crowdfunding campaigns:

Beautiful Friends


Beautiful Friends is a theatrical performance by an extremely talented and likeable independent Russian theatre collective from Saint Petersburg. With their performance they want to tell a story about love, silence and HIV and aim to raise awareness about same-gender love and HIV in Russia, topics that are an absolute taboo in their country. Because of Putin’s “Russian LGBT Propaganda Law” they are not able to raise funds within Russia and need international support to make this campaign a reality. Hopefully, campaigns like these will make Russia a more tolerant and educated place in the future. Together, we can make a difference and make something happen that would not be possible without the global LGBT community supporting each other!



Kaden’s Transition | A Self Made Man

Kaden's campaign

Winning our award for ‘The most likeable guy in the world’! Who wouldn’t love him? Kaden has identified as male ever since he can remember but since recently his name has been Katy.  He seeks funding for a top surgery and we want to support him on his courageous journey of becoming his true self – a self-made man. Please watch his video and support him to fulfill his journey!


Your creative, personal and inspiring campaigns make it count! And your generous, trusting and loving contributions make it work! Together we can make a difference and achieve anything we can dream of! With Rainbow Campiagn -LGBT Crowdfunding.

We thank you so much for your trust and support in us!

Your Rainbow Campaign Team

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