As a Campaigner, we want to help you on your path to success, and so we’ve laid out a few things to help you become more familiar.

Before You start

Your Campaign – Your Target Audience

Before you get started, be aware that posting your campaign is just one part of the process. Like any other campaign or venture, it is crucial to market your campaign for it to to become succesful. Spread the word over e-mail and social media and be active in engaging your community and potential contributors. You have access to local networks and media? – make use of it! It might be a lot of work, but in the end, you are fighting for your own goal and it will be worth it. Find out about your target group

Before you start filming your campaign video, taking photos and thinking about the perks, always bear in mind:
Who is my target audience?
What do I want to tell them?
What is my goal and how would my audience also benefit from it?

The last question could be answered by the perks you are giving to your funders that are of interest to them. Or if you are very passionate about something and you know there are others out there that feel the same way too. Find out who your target audience is.

Be natural, be yourself, be inspiring and people will support you.

Which Funding Type Are You?

There are different funding types and your type of campaign will determine which one you should choose:

Flexible Funding: If you chose flexible funding and you reached your goal, we will take a 4% fee of your raised funds. In case you didn’t reach your goal – we prefer to say – partly reached your goal, we will deduct a 9% fee of your funds. Flexible funding makes sense for campaigns, where the completion of your project is not fully dependent on full funding of your campaign.

Fixed Funding: In case you chose fixed funding and you reached your goal, we will keep a 4% fee of your raised funds. We will send you yor funds after the campaign has ended. In case you didn’t reach your goal we will keep the raised funds and distribute them back to the funders. Fixed funding should be used if your project is only feasible if you fully reached your success goal.

Preparing Your Campaign

There are a few tricks you should consider:

Gather a team. It’s always easier to work together with a team that has the same goal as you. Also, you can share information, get different perspectives, have a wider reach to your individual communities, and divide work and you are more likely to reach your goal.

Shoot a pitch video. If people see a video of you talking about your your campaign, they can get to you know you better than looking on a picture of you and reading about you. You can transform your messages clearer and people will hear in your voice how passionate you are about reaching your goal.

Have a checklist, what you definitely should tell your funders in your video

  • What is your name?
  • What are you passionate about? Why are you campaigning?
  • What do you want to achieve with the funds of your campaign?
  • What is the goal beyond your campaign? (E.g. your campaign is to fund an equal rights parade – but the goal beyond the parade is to reach awareness, support the enforcement of new laws, etc.)
  • What are your qualifications, skills, talents?
  • How can you give back to your contributors and your community?

Collect material about your campaign. Whether it is photos or videos of preparations, interviews with your team mates, prototypes, etc. Use it to promote your campaign via e-mail newsletters or social media.

Ask for support. Do you have friends who are skilled writers, photographers, videographers, or anything else which could be useful for your campaign? – Ask them for their support!

Getting Started.

Determine An Appropriate Length For The Campaign.

The length of the campaign is always a tricky question. It depends off course on what kind of campaign you plan and the sum of funding you require. But even if you plan to fund a high sum for a big project, don’t expand the timline by over about 6-7 weeks. Think about any other kind of campaigns, like political ones. If they start too long before the elections, people stop paying attention after a while. Also, if your potential funders see that there are only a few days left and you still need funding to reach your goal, they are more willing to donate now rather than postponing it. So make the campaign length an appropriate time line between a couple of days and six weeks, depending on the amount you want to fund.

Set Up Your Perks.

Your contributors support you with funds. In exchange for that you give them perks. You don’t have to give perks, but contributors are much more likely to support your campaign if they receive something in return.

There are different types of perks you can give to your supporters:

Something personal:

Give a perk by letting your contributor personally know how much you appreciated his/her support. This can be done by a hand-written letter, an acknowledgement on social media or your home page, a Thank-you video on Youtube, or maybe an invitation to a dinner with you and your team.

Something integrational:

You can give a perk by integrating your contributors in the result of the campaign. You plan to shoot a movie or documentary? Invite them on the set. You plan to give a concert? Give them concert tickets. You want to open a gym? Give them a free membership for a certain period.

Something material:

If the goal of your campaign is to produce a good or open up a store, offer them to test a prototype, give them the first edition of your product or give them a voucher for your shop.

Different contributors have different wallet sizes. So adapt your perks to these different sizes. Give the possibility for contributors to support you with, let’s say $10, $30, $100, etc. with different perks for each supporting sum. (Of course the higher the support, the more special the perk should be.) Think about that you will need to fulfill your perks, including shipping, tolls, etc.

Ready, Steady, GO!

Let’s Go, We’re Gonna Set You Up:

1. Click on “Create a campaign”.

2. Fill out the information about your campaign including uploading a photo or posting the URL of your Video (recommended). Define your perks.

3. Fill out your personal information.

4. Submit your campaign.

You are all set! Now you should (if you haven’t already) really start marketing and promoting your campaign!

The first days are crucial
Have your closest community give you a head start. Ask each and everyone you think might help you to contribute right after you launched the campaign. This will be fundamental for the success of your campaign. It will make your campaign more interesting and trustworthy for further funders and you can use the attention for marketing purposes. Right after you received your first essential funds, stretch out to reach and activate further target groups.
Keep promoting and marketing.

Via email
  • Make a community outreach schedule
  • Use a template to keep it simple
  • Maintain a friendly, personal tone
  • Build an email tree: ask friends to email 5-10 of their friends on behalf of your campaign
Via Social Media
  • Put effort into promoting your campaign in a personal way
  • Respond promptly to messages, tweets, and comments
  • Avoid spamming your followers with repetitive content
  • Use Twitter to connect with journalists and bloggers who may be interested in writing about your campaign
Stay proactive with your contributors

Throughout your campaign thank tour funders for their contributions  and inform them about your progress. Shortly before your campaign is about to end and you still need to be funded – inform them about it. If they don’t want to fund again, they might ask friends to do so.

Congratulations! You did it!

Receiving your funds

After the expiration of your campaign, we will send you your funds. In case you didn’t reach your goal, don’t give up and try again. You learned so much during your campaign and you can now apply your learnings to your next campaign.

Thank your supporters

Each campaigner has the ability to view their campaign statistics and to download a list of supporter emails, from which they can be used to thank supporters and/or provide them with special perks.

Finance your dream or your project. It’s time to change the world! Or in case of a dream that was succesfully funded – your world :-). If you were happy with our service, please spread the word, so that others will be inspired and encouraged too to realise their own dreams, wishes and projects on Rainbow Campaign!

Let’s make this world a happier, more creative, funner and more tolerant place, one Rainbow Campaign at a time.


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